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Do you need to turn to an immigration attorney? Maybe you need to file for visas and work permits? In any case, Law Office of Paul C. Agu Ph.D. – Immigration Lawyer is the company that will offer you professional and timely results. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada as well as Moreno Valley, California, we are a reputable immigration law office that can help you with your situations, whether you are facing deportation or you simply need to file a citizenship application. With us, you will be able to rely on experienced lawyers who know how to solve any immigration problems in no time.

When it comes to providing an immigration law service, our experts can exceed your expectations with their resourcefulness and professional expertise. We can help you with anything regarding immigration law, visas, work permits, family based and fiancee petitions, and more.

We file appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals and US Court of Appeals, as well as employment based petitions and labor certification. Regardless of the nature of your situation, we are the experts that will meet your requirements.

You can also turn to us when you need to hire an immigration lawyer for asylum application, diversity visa lottery, and more. With us, you can get the help you need for a visa for investors, skilled workers, entertainers, and registered nurses, professors, and researchers. We even offer immigrant visa processing with the Department of State Waivers.

Based in Las Vegas NV and Moreno Valley, CA, Law Offices of Paul C. Agu Ph. D.– Immigration Lawyer is the law firm that will offer you the immigration attorney service you need. Our fees are reasonable, and helping you further your goals is our main priority. Call us today to find out more about our terms!

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Moving to another country is an exciting goal, and for some, it’s a dream come true. Whether it’s for personal or business reasons, your journey into another country should be hassle-free. That’s why you should consider getting legal advice, especially when you don’t know which paperwork to fill out. You can overcome this obstacle by getting an immigration attorney. Here’s a few things to consider before hiring one:

They know rules and regulations better than you

Have you experienced going to the same government office again and again because you were missing some form or requirement that they expected you to follow?  Seeking the advice of someone who’s invested years into this specific branch of law would make your time maneuvering regulations into a walk in the park. They’ve guided hundreds, if not thousands, of applicants before and they should be able to quickly figure out what you’ve been doing wrong.

They Will Suggest the Best Option for You

Immigration lawyers aren’t just looking at your present needs, they might also be able to suggest jobs or a simpler process that you might have missed. If your goal is citizenship, an immigration lawyer would be able to set a clearer path for the next steps to take, like how many years until you get citizenship.

Pre-Consultation Tips

Before you meet with your attorney, it’s best to prepare what documents you already have in hand. The reason being, some attorneys charge a flat out fee for the first consultation, while some charge free. That first session is critical as you should have the questions prepared. It’s also better to write down notes as the answers might sound similar but there could be one key detail that you’ll forget.

No matter what your situation is, or how dire it could be, there’s always help that you can turn to. If you or a loved one is looking for an immigration attorney in California or Nevada, we have a team of experts here at Law Offices of Paul C. Agu – Immigration Lawyer that can help with immigration issues. 



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